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> No where in the world that secession is a criminal offence

> We are Biafrans, Islam will never overrun Biafra.

> Self-determination is not a crime,request for a referendum is not a crime

> You send your military to attack the home of an unarmed man

> Chukwu Okike Abiama himself defended our land 320 years ago

> Not allowing the fulani vampire to invade our land

> As I said in this holy platform, that if Britain doesn’t repent, they will crumble and that’s exactly what they are facing today.
> We must continue this very important Broadcast which was rudely interrupted yesterday, because the enemies of BIAFRA don’t wants
us to broadcast, but here we are Broadcasting.
> What is happening in my case and that of those charged alongside me is a microcosms of everything that is wrong with the zoo judiciary,
you don’t have judiciary in Nigeria, what you have is cash and carry judges that grant their rules based on the highest bidder.
> I am not a Nigerian, I renounced my citizenship nearly four years ago, therefore the silly and idiotic revocation is completely meaningless
to me. If I am not a citizen of the damnable zoological republic, then you can’t try me in your useless court.
> Those been tried committed no crime because the agitation of BIAFRA is anchored on International laws, we have not committed any crime.
> If there is anyone to be tried, it’s the Nigerian state that have maimed, massacred, raped, detained my people for only agitating on the
streets of Biafra land demanding freedom which legitimately belongs to them.
> Without getting our core demand which is our freedom, you are all wasting your time
> The only thing you can do is to publicize our efforts for us, the revocation, the sham trial and kangaroo court will never hold, they will
never convict us because we have not done anything wrong.
Nnamdi Kanu Starving In DSS Facility – Younger Brother Raises Alarm

Prince Kanu, the younger brother of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has claimed that he is being refused meals at a Department of State Service facility (DSS).
> It’s nowhere in the Nigeria penal code that secession is a crime, and nowhere in the world where secession is a criminal Offence. Only armed
rebellion is a crime, Self Determination is not a crime
> Self Determination was ratified by Nigeria as contained in African Union Charter law.
> That is why Binta Nyako keeps running away from hearing from our lawyers.
> This particular case will ruin Binta Nyako and the zoo judiciary. That very corrupt judiciary will collapse as a result of this case.
> It is a very clever trap they have walked into, they have forgotten am in Britain, soon to return to Israel.
> Every move they make, I will challenge, we will challenge, I have instructed my lawyers, in a competent Court of law here in Britain
where law actually works, I am waiting for them.
> Instruct Interpol, any day you instruct Interpol to arrest me, that same day I will take Interpol to court, they must answer because here
is a civilized country.

The invasion of Nigerian Islamic Government in South East Biafran land and the brutal killings of Biafran youths

>They are not animals like you have in Nigeria, you think because you are in your court been powered by a generator, no water, you now think
you can make international binding pronouncements, is that what you think?
> Every move been made by cabals and Jubril to demoralize us will fail.
> We are Biafrans, Islam will never overrun Biafra.
> Every move they make I will challenge it here in Britain, first am not a zoo citizen, so your bail revocation is useless.
> Nobody has asked the army what they are looking for in my house where they killed 28 of my men, my cousin and my dog Jack.
> Which crime did I and my co-defendants committed, because there is no crime called session even in the Nigerian laws.
> You ratified AU charter law for human rights, so why try us for demanding self determination or those it mean you don’t understand English
or can’t comprehend it?
> Asking for Biafra is not a crime, so your revocation is useless because if you bring this case to Western world you will become a laughing stock.
> Self-determination is not a crime, request for a referendum is not a crime, it is legal, Quebec in Canada has done it, Scotland has done it,
Catalonia in Spain has done it. So we have not committed any crime.
> I am therefore at a lost on how Binta Nyako still allows the case to go on.
> If the reason for the janjaweed fulani cabal on the bench warrant is for me to stop the expository of Jubril Al Sudani then they are mistaken.
> I am destructibly stubborn, that thing you think you want to do to me to cage me, they are what give me more strength.
> You send your military to attack the home of an unarmed man, what if when I pick weapon? Though that time is coming, I assure you, what I do I
say it in open.
> You cannot stop me, if you can’t stop me when I was in the zoo, is it now that I am free travelling around the world?
> Chukwu Okike Abiama himself defended our land 320 years ago not allowing the fulani vampire to invade our land.
> If they have a case against me, why are they running away from ECOWAS Court? Why are they running away from African Union court?
Extracted by Mazi Chukwudi Okeke
For Spot-on Media (Lagos Media)

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