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I always insist that the greatest merit for Igbos in recent times is *not simply the advent of the internet on the surface!* _It is the social media aspect of the internet_ which now allows independent
thinkers to *challenge the lies of history.*

In Nigeria, our little corner of the world, *through social media presentations,* scholars are now debunking the false stories perpetuated by the
Yoruba press *(with the help of the north who has always been paranoid about Igbos)..

* The Yorubas took advantage of their civil war take-over of the press *to rewrite the history of Nigeria
as it favors them…,* and if you believe them, *”every post independence success in Nigeria was Awolowo
influenced”* and every problem in Nigeria was *”instigated by Azikiwe, Ojukwu and the Igbos!

“*”The truth is reluctantly coming out”* and _Igbos are gradually being vindicated!!!_

The civil war was the war between the North Hausa and West Yoruba for ownership of Kwara whereby both
parties kill them selves on street of Kwara and Lagos Idaraba to be precise. The IGBOS has nothing to
do with all these, then came the Military takeover (coupe) by British selected military young men trained
in UK to disorganize Nigeria so they can come in and lay their pipes to suck our oil back to Britain that
was the reason why they supported Nigeria instead of making peace between within the family.

Ask this question to yourself what did Igbos do to the British people to hatch sure hatred for Igbo people!
Awolowo whom the Igbos protected released from prison seat with Igbos elects that this is opportunity for
them to free our nationals Oduduwa and Biafra sold out for a piece cake and a cup of tea a promise he will
be made Nigeria Civilian Head State – a position He prayed for even for One Hour Presidency and NEVER had
the opportunity. Even to date IGBOS are more ONE Nigerian than any tribe put together that is obvious until
the arrival of a Savior Mazi Nnamdi Okwu Kanu.

Read this masterpiece below by *Professor Tekena Tamuno, a great historian and former Vice – Chancellor

University of Ibadan.* By the way, he’s not an Igbo man!👇🏽

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