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We will be welcoming all discussions regarding Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest,
Court proceeding and Biafra Referendum.

The manner of which he turned into , arraigned, and was charged to court through
Nigeria Government, who as we know regularly disobey “The rule of law”
Subsequently, as MNK has been held in DSS custody and those Sabo who’s behind
His illegal arrest.

“The Nigerian government must have contracted a third party, probably outside the knowledge and involvement of the Kenyan government, for the “interception” of Mr Kanu, going by the revelations from the IPOB leader.

Mr Kanu said he was held incommunicado and chained to a bare floor for eight days in a nondescript private facility in Kenya.

He said no warrant of arrest was shown to him or even mentioned to him, according to Mr Ejimakor.



Following Justice minister, Abubakar Malami Nigeria Abuja courtroom docket said that the
The Nigerian authorities is working with security groups and have succeeded
in bringing him.

Joe Igbokwe kneeling down to show his justification for the role in actively played in 

betraying his own people. 

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Which Book, Rule of law in Nigeria is at its lowest factor and there may be no tangible
Governance as all of us recognise and our younger youths are being massacred in numbers via way of means of
The Islamic Jihadist fundamentalist.

We will pass round this MATTER from an exceptional angle and this we are able to unveil soon.

Despite the planes was well excuted,in seizing MNK, Nigeria Government made a sure mistake at the same time
as attempting to Bring him again to Nigeria.

As his arrest turned into ticking time bomb towards Biafra referendum, as the entire globe observes,

The Federal High Court of Nigeria in Abuja led with the aid of using Justice minister Abubakar Malami claims that
his arrest became Justifiable for treasonable felony.

Justifiable in what terms?

The invasion of Ukraine through their Russian brethren remains ongoing.
What we will need to do in this sort of comparable situation, fold arms and watch until they
Fulani Islamist Jihadists absolutely overrun the South Eastern land of Biafra?
However, the issue of extraordinary rendition became an essential and outstanding situation
referring to how he was arrested and illegitimately brought down into
Nigeria. Kanu was a British citizen.

Deep challenge and a deep problem, regarding to the entire state of affairs and ongoing sit
at home in solidarity, isn’t always that enough?

The judicial code of conduct did now no longer comply with due procedure and a whole lot of humans are
upset with Nigeria’s judicial system, as President Mohammed Buhari appears
to stick to the rule of law that is a long way long gone in Nigeria.. ZOO or perhaps now no longer?
the headquarter of Nigeria on Tuesday claimed that the IPOB leader MNK became arrested
in the United Kingdom, at the same time as the reality is steadily popping out that he was arrested in Kenya.
He was saved in DSS custody,surrounded with the aid of using the armor of torture, deprivation, and worst Human
Condition, to deter and derail him from persevering with the pursuit.

Suddenly, the Federal Government proscribed the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB, as unlawful
Organisation and all hell has been set free withinside the bloodbath of Biafran youths in the Southeastern part
Of Nigeria.

Freedom isn’t free, in particular below the dictatorship regime of President Muhammad Buhari.
whilst we lament the loss of lives with the assist of his dependable conspirators and saboteurs
Our brethren,withinside the Eastern country Governors and Ohanaeze-Ndi-Igbo and this came in this factor.
while the separatist leaders are keen for his or her followers to interrupt up from Nigeria via diplomatic
Measures, at the same time as the alternative keeps its manipulate via intimidation and threats to life.
Forming and actualizing Biafra republic calls for a diplomatic tactical method exceptional from
1967 to 1970 Biafran VS.Nigerian war.

The sporadic outbursts of violence in Southeastern Nigeria in try to close down and to
Eliminating all followers of IPOB continues not to be a criminal offense beneathneath global regulation and community.
We do not want Countries like Russia as a neighbor to actualize Biafra, incorrect example.
They are only a case have a look at of what an amazing worldwide network stood for.
Self-willpower isn’t a criminal offense beneathneath the worldwide network and that is what the caliphate
Refused to apprehend and be given that withinside the 21 century that oligarchy device is now no longer practicable.

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