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August 8, 2017
Biafra Referendum quote "What is not good for the master is definitely good for the slaves".
July 30, 2017
Inalienable fundamental civil, human, and natural rights of the people of Biafra

Years after the end of slavery Britain continue to involve in indirect slavery because of oil. The people of Biafra want their dignity restored as humans. Though the land might be bless our greatest strength is not what lies beneath the earth but our minds and our ability to master and use it for the good of humanity. 


It is interesting that Britain is grooming the Northern Nigeria for future terrorism that will consume Britain and the world in the very near future. We all remember mutallab the under pant bomber. He was groom, and schooled in the UK but America almost suffered consequences. 


United States, United Nation and freedom loving countries around the world should support Biafra's call for referendum. 

Biafrexit: APC Reps Shocks Osinbajo, Calls for Referendum

A call for Biafra referendum