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August 6, 2017
The Nigeria vs Biafra hopes.

Nigeria examplifies the tale of a country which delibrately destories its gifted hands and brightest minds in replacement of the mentally incapable minds from the Northern regions. In other words the only way Nigeria balances ethnic equality is to handfully destroy its brightest minds from Southern regions of the country. It also means if you are bright, from a poor home and a Southerner (Biafra or Oduduwa) your chances of making it in Nigeria is tatamount to the head of a cow passing through the eye of a needle.


  • Biafra will be a country where everyone will be lifted but our brightest minds will always standout with no APOLOGY! 
  • Biafra will be a country where only your mind will restrict you and not a govt who does not know your existence but has drafted your faith based on your ethnicity.
  • A country where your God given gift will always be a blessing as intended. 
  • A country where religion will not play a role in who you love or hate. 
  • A country where you will always be recognised as a human and not a sacrifice to some historic gods of the sun or moon.

Nigeria is a country where professors lack technical know-how to manufacturing but thunder to get government jobs.


If something isnt wrong with the system why do gifted and bright minded Nigerians excel astronomically abroad??