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August 14, 2017
Biafra Thy Kingdom Come

Biafra thy kingdom come, free at last ye shall yell, free at last!

We shall be free to grow at our pace and not be slowed down by neighbours of foreign identity.

We shall extend a hand of friendship to all who has respect and value for human life.

Our sons and daughters shall be our greatest assets.

Our lands shall be our sacred because of the blood of heros past and the over one million children who were sacrificed by Nigeria and Britain to enslave us.

As usual we shall be welcoming to all who come with good intentions and they shall find a people and place like no other.

The world shall feel the energy of our people and we shall continue to ride in glory.

We shall harness uniqued technologies indigineous to our people and shall always remember the cost and value of freedom.


Biafra thy kingdom come!